Hey there.

I'm Jordinn West, a designer, illustrator, and earnest advocate for fuzzy blankets, cardigans, meteorology, and anything related to The Goonies (never say die).

What I enjoy most about life is the constant opportunity to create something new – a new image, thought, story. With limitations formed only in the mind, creativity is infinite. I believe the beauty of being a career creative is held within the junction of self and design. I strive to blur the lines between myself and my work, cultivating a skill for the advancement of my own expression. My personal creative practice includes minimal, functional design work as well as illustrative and experimental pieces. I'm always exploring new techniques and aim to be proficient in a variety of styles, never failing to embrace the design field's miraculous fusion of passion and payment.

If you ever need to find me, just look for the ginger with a giant cup of coffee, some sort of pastry, and her face an inch away from her laptop screen. That's most likely me.

Currently making things at Highland Group in Grand Rapids, MI

Follow along on Instagram @jordinnwest